Dr. med. Hugh Riordan



About the time Mrs. Garvey requested Dr. Riordan write a grant to establish a research laboratory he was ready to try something different. He knew that nutrition had been helpful in treating some patients, that psychotherapy was a lucrative field, but he was not as certain that it was all that beneficial, and he was willing to learn more about it, depending on the slim chance that the Garvey Foundation was willing to give him a grant. He did not know that Mrs. Garvey was waiting for someone with his ability, confidence, and strength to share her vision of using nutrition to improve health.

The Center

In 1975 Dr. Riordan founded The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International Inc. with benefactor Olive W. Garvey. In 2010 the name was changed to the Riordan Clinic. The Riordan Clinic was founded on the principal of biochemical individuality. Blood based nutrient testing, combined with intuitive diagnostic skills, allowed Dr. Riordan and the Riordan Clinic staff to provide help and hope to people from around the world.

In an unpublished manuscript written by Dr. Riordan he said, “For the largest part of my career, I have been engaged in serving people in ways which allow them to restore their health and hope through sensible and sensitive exploration of their own one-of-a-kind physical systems.” The unwavering belief in treating the whole person, to get to the root cause of a problem, continues to be a primary factor in the Riordan Clinic’s success.

The most notable body of work from Dr. Riordan is regarding mega doses of vitamins, specifically vitamin C (50 grams and higher), and the positive effect it has on many chronic illnesses. Dr. Riordan’s vitamin C protocol was developed in part based on the findings of Linus Pauling. Riordan was a follower of noted Nobel Prize winning chemist.

Dr. Riordan was the author of four books, three of which deal with topic of “Medical Mavericks,” a topic which interested the doctor as he was a maverick when it came to nutrition and medicine. He also authored more than 79 medical journal articles and papers, many of which were published in peer reviewed journals. The vast majority of his papers dealt with the benefits of vitamin C. Dr. Riordan was a prolific speaker with more than 186 public speaking engagements from 1979 – 2004. His legacy continues today at the Riordan Clinic in Wichita, KS.